The MS-06S Zaku II is a 1/144 Scale High Grade Gundam The Origin Gunpla released in 2015.


  • MS-06S Char's Zaku II
  • Anti-ship Rifle
  • Bazooka
    • Bazooka Ammo (x3)
  • Joint piece for Bazooka
  • 2 Heat Hawks (1 storing, 1 deployed)
  • Trigger right hand
  • Holding left hand

Kit Features & Gimmicks

  • Mono-eye can be moved left or right via a switch underneath.
  • Bazooka can be mounted onto the backpack via a joint part.
  • Additional ammo packs can be stored onto the shield.
  • Heat Hawk can be mounted on both sides of the waist armor.

Tips & Tricks

  • Arm and Legs feature double-jointed parts for wider range of articulation.
  • Pelvis joint can swing forwards (for extra articulation) and backwards.
  • For better results, most of the details are needed to be applied and panel-lined with Gundam Markers.
  • The kit includes additional head and chest parts to create a normal MS-06 Zaku II.
  • HGBC Ballistic Weapons can attach onto this kit to form MS-06BR Ballistic Zaku.


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